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Company creating
a stable future

Oksana Osmonalieva,

Head of intellectual geology and development systems department

Sustainable business

Gazprom Neft is committed to maintaining stable long-term customer relationships and maximising the efficiency of the energy supply for society.

Gazprom Neft at a glance

Products sold in
>100 countries
Sustainable strategy

Strategy 2030 is designed to make the company a leader in terms of safety and reliability, as well as environmental performance, efficiency and the use of advanced technological solutions in production processes.

Cmpany strategy and sustainable development

2030 targets
0 fatalities
0 industrial accidents
Considering stakeholder priorities
2,170 billion
economic value distributed

Caring for the health
and safety

Svetlana Slepneva,

Chief product technician at Omsk refinery

Risk-focused approach

Main goal of the Safety Framework project is to select and put in place barriers to prevent key HSE risks.

HSE management system

0 industrial accidents
Imlemented first cycle of the risk-focused approach
Safety as a priority

The company acknowledges the right of its employees and contractors to stop performing or refuse to perform any operation that could cause harm to people’s health or the environment.

Occupational health and safety

-21.3 %
decrease in the LTIF
Responsible use of asset

Risk assessment based on the international methodologies is key to equipment reliability management.

Industrial safety

-13.9 %
decrease in the number of incidents involving equipment

Caring for
the environment

Dmitriy Glazov,

Biologist, scientific coordinator of the "Narwahl. The Legend of the Arctic" project

Attention to climate change

The company runs constant monitoring and accounting of GHG emissions aligned with the applicable Russian legislation and international recommendations.

Climate impact management

-42 %
reduction in APG flaring
Cutting-edge environmental management

The construction of the innovative Biosphere biological treatment facilities at the Moscow and Omsk Refineries is a central environmental project in the Gazprom Neft refinery upgrade programme

Water resources management

3 x
reduction in water withdrawal at the Moscow Refinery
Rational use of resources

The company incorporated an energy efficiency strategy into its business model; the strategy is set out in the Gazprom Neft Energy Policy.

Energy efficiency

5.3 million
reduction in electricity consumption as a result of energy conservation and energy efficiency programmes


Vladimir Skripachev,

Student, participant of Developing Talent

Respecting colleagues

Gazprom Neft employees are a team of dedicated professionals and like-minded people. The company guarantees its employees equal rights, and takes steps to prevent discrimination.

Employee development

average headcoun
Agile incentive programme

Remuneration elements’ contents and mixture in the model are developed for different employee groups according to certain groups’ incentive profile.

Remuneration and social benefits

121.5 billion
personnel costs
Innovative educational model

The company has an integrated knowledge management centre that brings together the full range of corporate training and development practices: the Gazprom Neft Corporate University.

Training and development for employees

1.95 billion
invested in training and development
156 thousand
training programmes implemented for employees

Contributing towards
regional development

Viktoria Khudia,

Student, participant of
the "STEM Science Class" project

Partnering with regions

The company invests in building and renovation of infrastructure, supports local communities and indigenous peoples of the Russian Far North in its regions of operation.

Implementing social and economic agreements

18 agreements
on social and economic cooperation with constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipal authorities
Effective social investments

The “Home Towns” Programme is one of the most successful and best-known regional development initiatives undertaken by Russian business.

The “Home Towns” Programme

7.5 billion
social investments
Support for social initiatives
initiatives supported