Principles of sustainable business

Health, safety and environment Gazprom Neft seeks to protect its production assets, and to make sure that its operations cause no damage to the environment or to people's health. Safety is one of Gazprom Neft’s three key strategic priorities. Gazprom Neft is working continually to achieve these vital health, safety and environment targets: 0 fatalities and 0 industrial accidents.
  • The Fatal Accident Rate (FAR) decreased by 34.1% to a five-year average
  • The Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) Rate decreased by 21.3%
  • The number of incidents involving equipment decreased by 13.9% year on year
  • Gazprom Neft identified the key risks in work safety - 31 scenarios that could lead to catastrophic consequences
  • The APG utilisation rate across the company’s assets in Russia reached 89% (up 11 percentage points year on year)
  • Energy savings achieved through energy conservation programmes totalled 5.3 million GJ
  • The first pilot solar power plant was built at the Omsk Refinery
  • SO2 emissions decreased by 48%
Employee development The company performance and its ability to achieve sustainable development goals depend to a large extent on its employees. Gazprom Neft makes every effort to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best available talent.
  • The average monthly salary totalled ₽134,000
  • Human resources costs totalled ₽121.5 billion
  • ₽1.95 billion was invested in employees’ training and development
  • Over 156,000 training programmes for employees were implemented
  • 1,948 university students were interns at the company
  • 505 graduates of universities and vocational schools were hired by Gazprom Neft
Social policy Gazprom Neft is building long-term relationships with local governments, customers, partners, suppliers and local communities in those regions in which it operates. The company participates in the life of local communities in its regions of operation by creating jobs, developing education and culture, and making other social investments.
  • social investments totalled ₽7.5 billion
  • 16 new agreements and three side agreements on social and economic cooperation with constituent entities of Russia and its municipalities were signed
  • 143 initiatives were supported, based on grant competitions
  • 675 volunteer initiatives were ran
Technology and innovative development New technologies enable the company to improve safety and performance. Gazprom Neft invests in those technologies that can have the greatest value for its business now and in the future, including refinery upgrades, APG utilisation infrastructure, energy-saving technologies, and so forth.
  • Technology Strategy updated
  • Digital Transformation Strategy approved
  • A project to build a high-technology catalyst plant was launched
  • A pilot batch of premium-grade needle coke was produced at the Omsk Refinery
  • EAD.OptimA, an AI-based electronic asset development system, was successfully tested
  • Kapitan ('Captain'), a digital logistics-management system for Arctic projects, was implemented
Corporate governance and risk management The Gazprom Neft corporate governance system ensures the appropriate allocation of responsibility in respect of sustainable development and the management of the relevant risks. Key tasks and outcomes are reviewed at the meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • A new version of the Corporate Code of Conduct was adopted
  • The Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy, the External Audit Policy, the Regulation on Insider Information, and the Regulation on Procurement of Goods, Work and Services were approved
  • The Regulation on the Ethics Committee was updated, and the Committee composition was revised
  • Five new members with the necessary competencies and experience were elected to the Board of Directors