Company strategy and sustainable development
2030 Strategy Transforming the company into a world-class industry leader

Gazprom Neft is continually integrating the principles of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility into its business strategy.

Today, an oil company is more than just a combination of reserves, equipment and physical assets. To be at the forefront of the global oil industry, the company needs to be aware of its responsibility towards future generations, and to maintain a continuous focus on sustainable development.

Gazprom Neft recognises the social and environmental impacts of its operations, and assesses these impacts. It makes substantial investment in health, safety and the environment, employee development, and the social development of those regions in which it operates.

The company complies with Russian environmental and social legislation, and takes on additional commitments in order to comply with international corporate social responsibility standards and meet stakeholder expectations.

Alexander Dyukov

A year ago, we set ourselves new goals, and identified new ways to achieve them, and the past year has proved us right. During the year, the company made significant progress and had to face many challenges, but it was well positioned to respond to them. Gazprom Neft is a team of like-minded, proactive, passionate and engaged people. Developing a new-generation company is our common goal: a goal that I have no doubt we will achieve.

Alexander Dyukov CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft
Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) have been set by the United Nations General Assembly and approved by global leaders as part of the global sustainable development agenda to 2030. Most of the Goals have a list of targets with metrics to indicate performance.

When developing and implementing its strategy, Gazprom Neft is guided by sustainable development and corporate social responsibility principles and goals. These are integrated into Gazprom Neft’s business strategy, decision-making processes, and operations. The company’s approach to sustainable development and associated commitments are aligned with the UN SDGs adopted in 2015.