Respecting human rights

Gazprom Neft respects human rights and provides equal opportunities for everyone. The company also respects labour rights, and the rights of local communities and indigenous peoples.

Gazprom Neft seeks to create a working environment free from bullying and harassment, and prohibits discrimination on the grounds of ethnicity, gender, age, background and so forth. The company expects its employees to treat each other with respect and dignity.

Gazprom Neft does not use child or forced labour. The company acknowledges the legal right of its employees to voluntarily establish civic associations to protect their rights and interests, including the right to establish and join trade unions.

Gazprom Neft complies with legislative requirements and the standards of international law on human rights.

The company’s position with regard to human rights is formalised in the following corporate documents:

  • The Corporate Code of Conduct;
  • The Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy;
  • The Policy on Health, Safety, the Environment and Public Protection;
  • The Concept on Regional Policy;
  • The Policy on Interactions with Indigenous Northern, Siberian and Far Eastern Peoples;
  • The Policy on Charitable Activities;
  • The Information Policy Regulation.

Human rights matters fall within the jurisdiction of the following company units:

  • The Working Committee on Ethics and Corporate Culture, chaired by the Gazprom Neft CEO;
  • An office for the investigation of reports received via the hotline of the Internal Audit Department (part of the Internal Audit and Risk Management Directorate).

Gazprom Neft assesses human rights risks, and develops measures to prevent them.

The corporate training system includes materials on respect for human rights and the rules of conduct in mixed groups. In 2019, 1,388 people received training in the human rights policy or procedures related to any aspects of human rights.

Support of human rights commitments

The company supports and respects the protection of internationally declared human rights, and subscribes to the principles set out in essential documents, such as:

The UN Global Compact
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Gazprom Neft also subscribes to the principles set out in the Social Charter of the Russian Business adopted by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

Handling complaints

To communicate with stakeholders on human rights matters, the company uses feedback channels, which enable stakeholders to express their opinions or make complaints about this subject.

These channels include a hotline, which can be used to report corruption, fraud, and non-compliance with laws and the Corporate Code of Conduct. The hotline is used to exchange information within the company and receive feedback from external stakeholders.

A report may be submitted via the hotline in several ways: by mail, email or phone, using suggestion boxes, on the intranet portal, or on the corporate website. The hotline is confidential.

Anyone can submit a report via the hotline, and it can be anonymous. All reports are processed on a case-by-case basis, and are investigated in an unbiased and comprehensive manner; following the investigation, decisions are made, and feedback is provided.

To make sure that all reports are investigated, the company engages experts from various units, including HR managers, lawyers, and HSE officers. The company encourages its employees and partners to actively use the hotline, and informs them about its purpose and how it works. The results of the hotline operation – including statistics on reports received (processed) and violations detected by the company – are regularly reviewed by the Board of Directors.

The hotline
is used to exchange information within the company and receive feedback from external stakeholders

Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Hotline

8 (800) 700-65-00 Toll-free call all over Russia

190121, St. Petersburg, PO Box №516