Internal communications

In 2019, Gazprom Neft conducted a major communications campaign to promote the updated Corporate Code of Conduct, which includes not only descriptions of the company values, but also practical examples illustrating their application.

The essence of these communications was reflected in a series of interviews with the company top managers on the subject of corporate culture development. The interior design of the company offices and production facilities was aligned with the corporate values.

Key changes that are underway in the company became the central focus of a corporate forum titled 'Strategy 2030: among the World's Best', in which Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Gazprom Neft Management Board, formulated the vision of the Gazprom Neft future in the short and long term, and described four areas of the company’s transformation that are providing a foundation for future changes.

The forum was broadcast live on the corporate intranet website. The communications campaign also leveraged all existing internal communication channels.

Internal communication tools

Key internal communication tools include:

  • an integrated system of intranet portals of Gazprom Neft enterprises;
  • corporate media (the Sibirskaya Neft corporate magazine, the Neftegazeta periodical, and the corporate radio);
  • a system of digital displays;
  • a system of information boards;
  • meetings between the management and employees;
  • discussion platforms (conferences and round-table talks);
  • a feedback system.

In September 2019, the company launched a mobile news feed. This is an external website providing information on the company, which can be accessed by employees from their personal mobile devices. In addition to the company headlines, the mobile news feed includes competitions, live broadcasts, and employee channels covering professional and corporate topics.

Annual employee engagement surveys (EES) are a key tool used by the company to obtain feedback and enabling it to assess employee engagement and satisfaction levels, identify Gazprom Neft’s strengths and weaknesses as an employer, and outline focus areas.

In addition, the company conducts pulse surveys to get prompt feedback on matters relevant for the company management.

Employee engagement survey: taking everyone's opinions into account!

One of the highlights of 2019 was a large-scale employee engagement survey in the company, which covered 37,000 employees (including over 1,200 employees in the corporate centre). The findings of the survey will become the basis for new positive changes in the company in 2020.

The findings of the survey showed that employees had the highest opinion of the actions of the Gazprom Neft management. Ninety-one percent of respondents stated that they trusted the management’s decisions, and eighty-six percent of respondents felt support from their line managers. There was also an improvement with regard to working conditions.

Training statistics are a major focus area, with almost a quarter of employees stating that they would like to have more opportunities for professional training and development. At the same time, most respondents expressed a high opinion of training quality, and stated that the knowledge and skills that they had gained were useful and applicable in the workplace. The survey showed a positive trend in employee opinion on cross-functional cooperation. Focus groups also discussed the organisation of production processes, recognition of employee achievements by the company and managers and so forth.

In February 2020, members of the Management Board discussed the survey findings at the Human Resources and Compensation Committee meeting.

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