Employee development
Gazprom Neft employees are team of dedicated professionals and like-minded people

The company's employees take on exciting challenges every day, looking for – and finding – new ways to improve how the company operates.

The Gazprom Neft team comprises highly engaged professionals who share the company values. Ensuring the well-being of employees, maximising opportunities for their development, and attracting and retaining the best recruits are important priorities for Gazprom Neft.

The Gazprom Neft corporate HR policy is founded on the Constitution and the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, and is aligned with international principles set out in the International Labour Organisation conventions that govern labour relations.

Key HR policy principles

Gazprom Neft 
guarantees its employees equal rights, and takes steps to prevent discrimination

Gazprom Neft regularly holds a ‘Best in Profession’ competition for employees of its subsidiaries. This is a professional skills competition that not only highlights the importance of manual and trade roles and helps to raise their status, but also provides a platform where representatives of various Gazprom Neft business areas and subsidiaries can share knowledge and experience.

The company operates a hotline that can be used to report fraud, corruption and other violations of the Corporate Code of Conduct. Moreover, employees can use the hotline not only to report suspected violations, but also to initiate investigations and receive feedback on their findings. All reports are processed on a case-by-case basis.

Employer brand

The company is committed to recruiting, engaging and retaining the best employees. Gazprom Neft has developed an employer value proposition to meet the demands and expectations of the people concerned, the company’s strategic plans and its competitive position in the industry. This value proposition is integrated into recruitment, onboarding and executive training processes.

Kirill Kravchenko

The fact that Gazprom Neft has won the international Randstad Award for the third time in a row reflects the company’s efforts in the sphere of human resources management, and the development of a corporate culture that gives employees opportunities to attain job satisfaction, participate in interesting projects, and put forward their ideas. Gazprom Neft attaches great importance to creating an engaging environment consistent with company values, and developing a culture that enables the company to recruit the best available talent in the market.

Kirill Kravchenko Deputy CEO for Administration, Gazprom Neft
Gazprom Neft ranked "most attractive employer" according to the Randstad rankings

In 2019, Gazprom Neft topped the Randstad employer rankings for the third year in a row. The company ranked first in the fuel and energy sector, with respondents citing the oil, gas and energy sector as the most attractive industry. The Randstad employer rankings are based on an independent survey among 14,000 representatives of the working-age population across all regions of Russia, undertaken in December 2019 by TNS Global, an international market research company.