Talent pool development

The Gazprom Neft approach to talent pool development is centred on recruiting and retaining the right people to ensure that key positions in the company are filled. To do so, the company has formed a succession pool, selecting its members according to objective criteria and providing them with targeted training.

To form the talent pool, the management team (the Talent Committee) holds annual meetings at various levels of the company structure. These meetings involve:

  • identifying key positions for the purpose of succession planning;
  • collectively discussing and approving talent pool members identified for key positions;
  • developing an action plan to increase the availability of people to fill the key positions;
  • preparing an action plan to facilitate the development of talent pool members.

In 2019, Gazprom Neft placed special emphasis on implementing programmes focused on corporate transformation, targeted talent pool development initiatives, onboarding of young professionals, digitalisation, and adopting the Corporate Code of Conduct. The company launched a project to develop an onboarding programme for new employees.

In addition, in 2019, the company started to develop a new methodology for forming a talent pool from among current employees. This is a four-level hierarchy of HR committees. They are tasked with discussing and identifying the most talented employees, and securing individuals to fill key positions. This methodology is applied throughout the company, including the top 100 positions. It also stipulates obligations related to promoting the development of talent pool members and making further staffing decisions with regards to key positions and successors appointed to these positions. Seventy meetings of the HR committees are scheduled for the second quarter of 2020; their outcomes will be presented in the third quarter of the year.

In the context of this evolving methodology, the company is designing individual development programmes for talent pool members; preparing development plans and monitoring progress against them is a mandatory requirement. In addition, a variety of training formats and an updated platform of the Gazprom Neft career portal have been made available to employees, who can use the portal to apply and compete for vacancies within the company.

34% percent of employees went through the performance assessment in 2019.

In 2019 1,464 employees completed retraining and professional development programmes in Gazprom Neft partner HEIs.

Share of employees covered by performance assessment in 2019, by category, %
Share of employees covered by performance assessment in 2019, by category, %

Engaging young employees

Gazprom Neft is implementing the Three Milestones Programme. This is a three-year development programme for young specialists, which enables them to unlock professional and career opportunities. It includes onboarding events, development training sessions, and a mentoring system. The Programme’s best alumni are recommended for inclusion in the talent pool of Gazprom Neft enterprises.

The company’s onboarding process involves appointing a supervisor from among the team members to help a new employee to adapt to the workplace, as well as providing new employees with induction training, and training in health, safety and environment rules all of which are mandatory.

In 2019, young professionals from the company took part in a number of national youth events aimed at promoting the fuel and energy sector, such as the Oil and Gas 2019 Research Conference, the CASE-IN International Engineering Championship, and the Russian Energy Week. In addition, young professionals from Gazprom Neft and the Moscow Refinery were appointed to the Youth Council under the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Twenty seven young professionals from Gazprom Neft took part in the eighth International Youth R&D Conference ‘New Technology in the Gas Industry: Experience and Continuity’.

Professionals 4.0 platform

The gig economy — an economy based on freelance work and short-term contracts — is one of the fastest-growing global trends. It creates a need for a tool to connect corporations and freelancers, customers and contractors. Professionals 4.0 is a new project platform designed by Gazprom Neft.

The platform enables direct engagement via a website and mobile app, as well as offline networking and professional development events. After signing up, users can access the database to select tasks of interest to them. Partners including SIBUR, Ruselectronics, Rostelecom, Rosseti, SKOLKOVO Business School, EY, the Administration of the Leningrad Oblast and others have already joined the project.

Among the platform experts are winners and participants of the Leaders of Russia, Digital Breakthrough, and WorldSkills competitions, talented students and school-leavers, and participants of educational programmes run by the Sirius Educational Centre.