Cooperation with schools and HEI

The company has in place a continuous education system “School, HEI, Enterprise” which is designed to ensure a continuous supply of young talent, train newly qualified specialists, and enable them to acquire the competencies they need in order to be ready to respond to future challenges.

This system includes career guidance for high school students, targeted education programmes in universities and vocational schools, and recruitment and career planning for high-potential employees.

Activities to support and develop students’ talents

In 2019, Gazprom Neft held a number of events to support school students and help them develop their talents.

  • Gazprom Neft jointly with the Sirius Educational Centre held Developing Talent, with 2,800 high school students from Gazprom Neft regions of operation competing in this event. All cases to be solved as part of the tournament had been designed by specialists from the company and the Sirius Educational Centre. In 2020, the finalists of Developing Talent will make a trip to Sochi, where they will complete a special training programme and present their projects to a panel of experts. In addition, winners were awarded bonus points in the Unified State Exam (USE) for admission to St Petersburg Polytechnic University or Tomsk Polytechnic University, which are academic partners of the Tournament, in order to study for a degree in technical disciplines.
  • A training module for school students was set up as part of the Big Challenges educational programme in the Sirius Educational Centre.
  • The company provided support for the XV Baltic Science and Engineering Fair, a national competition for school students held in St Petersburg.
  • The company partnered with the Algoritmika School to launch a new project to provide training in computer programming for children and teenagers aged 5 to 14. About 30 school students from St Petersburg and Omsk took part in the pilot project.
  • The company continued to provide career guidance for school students in its regions of operation.
Public recognition

Gazprom Neft has won awards from Universum, the employer branding agency, as one of the best employers according to surveys among both professionals and students in Russia. The company was ranked among the best in the natural sciences category, claiming second place in both rankings.

Gazprom Neft was ranked in the top five employers in four out of six fields of study: the company was rated the third most attractive employer by students of business and commerce, and was ranked fourth by humanities and medical students. At the same time, the company was ranked sixth by IT professionals, surpassed only by major IT companies and becoming the only oil company to be ranked in the top ten

Gazprom Neft was ranked in the
top 5
employers in four fields of study

top 10
IT professionals

Cooperation with partner HEIs

Cooperation between Gazprom Neft and its partner HEIs is based on agreements and memoranda of cooperation, which address the following objectives:

  • to cooperate with universities on master’s degree programmes and continuing professional education programmes designed to train specialists with the relevant set of competencies;
  • to enable sponsored university students to undertake an internship in the company;
  • to develop, through new academic disciplines, competencies for the future, such as digital proficiency, systemic thinking and the ability to work in cross-functional teams;
  • to introduce innovative training methods, such as individual development paths, hackathons, case championships, and project work;
  • to tailor existing training programmes to the company needs;
  • to provide secondment opportunities in the company for HEI staff;
  • to roll out best practices in the sphere of training formats and methods;
  • to support students participating in R&D conferences, forums and workshops in order to get involved in innovative activities.

2019 HEI cooperation highlights

  • Gazprom Neft continued to implement the ‘On Your Marks!’ onboarding and accelerator programme for young professionals. This is a competition for HEI graduates. Winners are hired by the company and undergo an onboarding process. Almost 7,000 people participated in the competition, with more than 367 applications per vacancy. Gazprom Neft enterprises hired 18 young professionals participating in the Programme.
  • Gazprom Neft participated in career fairs and other events for young professionals held at key HEIs. These events included the ‘Management of the Future’ conference held at the Graduate School of Management of St Petersburg University, where the company, as a partner of the university, held meetings with students, including workshops on solving business cases.
  • ITMO University and Gazprom Neft organised a joint competition for start-up projects. Winners were awarded grants from the company in the form of scholarships for the best start-up project.
  • The company launched the INcorporation Project, which involves forming cross-functional teams comprising students of Gazprom Neft partner HEIs. The aim of the INcorporation Project is to ensure that students in partner HEIs working on their graduation projects adhere to the principles that underpin the company’s operations.
  • The company continues to provide support for specialised master’s degree programmes run by its partner universities
‘Shaping Our Future’ conference

Gazprom Neft held the first ‘Shaping Our Future’ conference, attended by representatives of major Russian HEIs and experts on education.

Representatives of 25 HEIs attended the conference, including Gazprom Neft partner universities, such as the Siberian Federal University, Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, the National University of Oil and Gas Gubkin University, Dmitry Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, and Omsk State Technical University. Specialists from the SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre, Sberbank School 21, University 20.35, and the Professionals 4.0 platform also attended and shared their experience in transforming training methods.

The participants identified key factors in overcoming obstacles in the path of professional training of university graduates, and discussed business requirements for specialists and ways of integrating new technology in the training process.

At the end of the conference, Gazprom Neft and the HEIs signed memoranda of intent to introduce new disciplines and new approaches to developing the competencies of the future. The key aim of these arrangements is to introduce innovative training methods in order to help students become more flexible and to enhance professional competencies of university graduates, to launch new master’s degree programmes and continuing professional education programmes, and to organise internships at the company.

Representatives of
HEIs attended the conference

Today, it is crucial for highly qualified employees to be able to make decisions promptly, to act amid uncertainty, to work efficiently in cross-functional teams, to continually evolve and learn. The ‘Shaping Our Future’ conference is designed to bridge the gap between HEIs and business, and to promote the development of an ecosystem that will help to train new employees and shape the future development trajectory of HEIs. The best practices presented by Gazprom Neft at this event are designed to accelerate progress in this area.

Roman Kvitko Head of the HR and Organisational Development Directorate, Gazprom Neft