Health and safety
Safety remains Gazprom Neft's key priority

The company is continually improving HSEHSE requirements include (but are not limited to) requirements on Industrial, fire and environmental safety, occupational health and safety, electric safety and emergency preparedness. management by building risk management processes and developing a safety culture among employees and contractors.

As part of its comprehensive business transformation, Gazprom Neft has set itself a strategic goal of becoming one of the safest oil and gas companies by 2030. Accordingly, the company takes actions to improve its risk management system, makes substantial investments in cutting-edge technologies to improve the reliability of its asset, and is building a culture of safety.

Alexander Dukov

A focus on HSE and a responsible attitude to the environment is an important component of the new Gazprom Neft strategy. Today, this is a prerequisite for becoming a global oil-industry leader. We see that safety and social aspects are becoming increasingly important to investors and the industry. Any operational achievements or success can be eroded or cancelled out by workplace fatalities or an oil spill. And, of course, we must make every effort to prevent it.

Alexander Dyukov CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft