"Home Towns" Forum

In 2019 in St Petersburg, Gazprom Neft held the sixth annual international "Home Towns" Forum. Over 300 Russian and foreign experts, volunteers, and winners of the Gazprom Neft grant competitions discussed trends in social development in the regions. Local identity emerged as the main theme. Experts considered how history, culture and the geography of the regions have become factors in their growth. The people taking part in the discussion included Alfredo Brillembourg, a specialist in urban studies and the founder of the Urban-Think Tank design studio; a social entrepreneur Guzel Sanzhapova; the head of the “Hermitage 20/21” project and art expert Dmitry Ozerkov, and a member of the Gazprom Neft Management Board Alexander Dybal. Tutta Larsen, the TV host and public figure, moderated the discussion.

Gazprom Neft
is a recognised leader in corporate philanthropy

In 2019, the “Home Towns” Programme won the top prize in Russia’s most prestigious social investment contest, the «Leaders in Corporate Philanthropy». The contest is held by the «Forum of Donors» association, the international network of firms PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the Vedomosti newspaper. The “Home Towns” Programme also won the first prize for its approach to assessing corporate volunteer programmes.

Alexander Dyukov

For Gazprom Neft, it is important to preserve the local identity of the regions in which it operates. Every city, every town, and every village has its own unique history, traditions, and culture. But, in order to strengthen local identity, it is important to promote social development in the regions, and improve quality of life there. This is what the“Home Towns” Programme implemented by Gazprom Neft aims to do: support educational, sports, scientific and cultural initiatives that make people's lives in the regions more comfortable, eventful and interesting. That way, people have more reasons to be proud of and associate themselves with the places where they live and work.

Alexander Dyukov CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft