Sports development and support projects

Gazprom Neft Cup

Established in 2007, the international Kids’ Hockey Tournament, Gazprom Neft Cup, is the key company project aimed at promoting children's sports. It is the leading non-profit under-11s international hockey tournament in the world. Gazprom Neft Cup boasts a level of organisation unparalleled by any other children’s competitions: the games are played in world-class ice arenas, and the opening ceremony and the super final match can rival the best international ice-hockey shows. In 2019, 31 teams from 10 countries took part in the tournament: there were teams from Russia, Belarus, Germany, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Finland, with teams from Austria, China, Slovakia and the Czech Republic joining them for the first time.


Strategic partner

Alexander Dyukov

The key aim of the “Home Towns” Programme is to improve the quality of life in the regions in which the company operates. Creating opportunities to play sports, and to attend interesting sporting events, undoubtedly facilitates the achievement of that goal. Besides, a number of our projects, particularly Gazprom Neft Cup, have already moved beyond the level of the company social programme, and become world-class events.

Alexander Dyukov CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, Gazprom Neft

Storm Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) School

Storm MMA School was opened in 2015 by Alexander Shlemenko who is one of the most successful Russian MMA fighters in Omsk. Over 400 children and teens aged between six and 17 are being trained at Storm MMA School. In 2019, over 400 MMA fighters from several federal districts and from Kazakhstan came to take part in the annual MMA tournament. The tournament was organised with the support from the “Home Towns” Programme.

The StormFest healthy lifestyle festival was held in Omsk for the first time in 2019. Over 10,000 Omsk residents attended the family sports festival.

In 2019, three sports grounds were built as part of a project to develop street sports infrastructure in Omsk, which was initiated last year by Gazprom Neft and Storm MMA School; their location was chosen by city residents.

children are receiving training at Storm MMA School
Omsk residents attended the family sports festival
Alexander Dybal

We got to know Alexander Shlemenko before he had founded his own school, and training took place in a stuffy basement in an old house. He demonstrated his approach to training and talked about his principles and plans. Almost immediately it was agreed that we would work with him to establish a large MMA school with a unique approach. Creating a new modern gym was the first step towards that goal. Special exercise machines and an octagon for training (the first one in Siberia) were installed there. Infrastructure is important, but the company’s cooperation with Alexander Shlemenko is based primarily on great confidence and trust. The School is using the company's resources efficiently, and the return on social investment is high. Alexander Shlemenko's school remains one of the most successful projects in the “Home Towns” Programme.

Alexander Dybal Member of the Management Board, Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications, Gazprom Neft